OakKnolls Stables
OakKnolls Stables

Caroline Thornton



Ken Morden
Caroline Thornton

Barn Manager

Peter Maclean

Maintenance Manager

Greg Rolph


Johanne St. Amour


Gilson Equine Services
Dr. Leah Knox
Dr. Kyle Goldie



Oak Knoll Stables is on an old (150 years) 40 acre farm established by early settlers. The area is quite hilly and was heavily populated in the first part of this century. The current population is sparse since much of the land was overworked and cannot now support the same level of farming. On the other hand, much of the area has been reforested and is home to the Ganaraska Forest, an 11,000 acre provincial government forestry dedicated to preserving trees and providing a variety of recreation options for users.

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