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OakKnolls Stables


Paddocks and Shelters


Paddocks with barn

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The property is 40 acres divided into 10 paddocks and a large hay pasture to the south. Each paddock has a water supply and the larger paddocks also have a shelter with a heated water supply.

The main stable is 8,000 sqaure feet with a lab, wash stall, 4 foaling stalls and 13 horse stalls. The farm facilities have been designed to accommodate up to 12 broodmares, 10 foals and 10 yearlings. Racehorses on lay up can also be accommodated for a limited period of time.

Equine Management System (EMS)

Oak Knoll Stables breeds quality standardbred horses using a unique approach to the business of horses.
Breeding "the best to the best" is essential for success.

However, in today’s competitive atmosphere where we are seeing the fastest horses in the history of the sport, the explosive growth in the number of mares bred and the influx of horses from around the world, racehorse owners need another “edge” to stay ahead of he competition.

What distinguishes Oak Knoll Stables is our disciplined approach to developing the “whole” horse. We employ our “Equine Management System” (EMS) to breed, foal, raise and finish our horses that then reward us, and their owners, by having the highest percent of “horses that have raced”.

The EMS is based on sound horse development, nutrition, holistic, medical and handling practices. In itself this is not unique. What is unique is the discipline we employ to ensure that the EMS is followed faithfully - for each and every horse as an individual. What sets us apart is our breeding practices which ensures that we start off with quality individuals.

Ask us about our EMS – we love to talk about it and you will come away with a comfortable feeling that OK horses are quality animals, a great buy and maximize the chances of success.

Principles of the Equine Management System (EMS)

Our Equine Management System incorporates the following principles:
  1. Every one of our horses is unique.
  2. Our broodmares are selected for their pedigree, their performance and their potential to produce outstanding progeny.
  3. The sires we choose for our mares are ones which we believe will bring out the best of our broodmares and produce foals which will make their mark on the racetrack and the industry.
  4. We treat each animal individually to ensure that they are healthy, responsive to humans and able to perform to the maximum level of their ability.
  5. We hire staff and select suppliers who share our mindset and are willing to work with each animal as a unique entity.
  6. Computerized record keeping of each individual horse ensures that nothing is left to chance – feed, treatment, handling, ailments, weight, conformation is all recorded and readily available.